webdav-js v2.0.0

A browser-based WebDAV client, written in JavaScript.


This simple WebDAV browsing/uploading client is a useful cross-browser addition to the bookmarks of anyone that has to interact with WebDAV. It supports previewing of many common filetypes (syntax highlighting for code, previews for images/videos/fonts), drag and drop file uploads and history state (for back button navigation).

Whilst this started out as a very simple bookmarklet with some basic styling (and it's still not much more than that!), I'd like to continue to improve it somewhat, adding in new features and using it as a testbed for front-end framework experience. I'd like to investigate more thorough testing using it too, ideally performing full end-to-end testing for all the features currently implemented.

To see how it looks clone the repo, run: docker-compose up and navigate to http://localhost:8080/.

You're free to use this tool without restriction.