Because the named-color database tables are required to be in only slightly different formats, and many of the files are very long, these database files only come packaged in one format: for the desktop version. There is an included PHP powered converter which will convert all the files to the server version format:


Running this file will convert all the files that have names ending with .desktop_palette.* (where the * means any final filename extension, not including additional dots .) to the server versions, and create new files accordingly.

To convert from the server-version format (files with names ending .json_palette.*) to the desktop format, call the same file with a qualifier:


Converting by hand is simple. Add the following line to the beginning of a palette file to convert to the desktop version, remove it for the server version:


The following line must be added/removed to the end of a palette file to convert to the desktop or server version (respectively).


It really is that easy